How And Why You Should Recycle Your Toner Cartridges

Laser printers are an old technology and you may think you understand everything there is to know about toner cartridges. Unfortunately, you will undoubtedly run into a situation where your toner runs out. People do not understand their options when it comes to getting rid of empty toner cartridges, and they end up simply throwing away toner cartridges. We’ll be examining the idea behind toner cartridge recycling, and we hope to expose what sort of great benefits you can gain by choosing to recycle your cartridges.


When you want to recycle your toner cartridges (this is called printer cartridge recycling most of the time), you will find that your cartridges are collected when empty and taken to a third party, which will sell them. Though each refurbishing company will employ different methods, you can generally bet on the process involving some kind of sorting stage, quality control assessments, and a full cleaning and refilling process to return the cartridge to its original state. The number of cartridges that end up in the landfill is astonishing, but you can believe that toner cartridge refurbishing is a more environmentally sound choice that simply throwing out the 700 million cartridges that get thrown out each year. Though a thrown-out cartridge will eventually biodegrade, the process takes at least ten years of sitting in a landfill before something happens.

Cartuse Imprimanta
Toner Cartridge

The first stage of the recycling process involves sorting every cartridge that arrives at the facility. If a cartridge has been broken or become otherwise incapacitated over the course of time, it will be simply thrown out.
The toner cartridges that survive the cull will immediately be sent to be thoroughly cleaned and filled back up with toner. A cartridge refurbishment company worth its salt with contribute one more quality control check prior to the release and resale of these toner cartridges; the toner itself will be inspected and compared directly with the toner found in original cartridges.

Laser Toner Cartridge OPC Drum
Laser Toner Cartridge OPC Drum

The best part about recycling old toner cartridges is that the biggest beneficiary is our planet. By recycling your toner cartridges, you will end up saving money on your printing budget, helping to keep waste out of the landfills, and keep out factories from having to make new raw materials. What it mostly means for you, though, is that your printing budget will be able to be greatly reduced after switching to recycled toner cartridges, because the refurbishment companies can simply  reuse almost all of the car.

Compatible Toner Cartridge
Compatible Toner Cartridge

For the fiscally and environmentally conscious person, it can be a really good idea to switch over to recycled toner cartridges; after all, you save both money and the environment.

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